Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme


Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme Continued

Directly below the cover, sits the clear (blue LED) 120mm fan operating at 12 volts and supposedly producing a maximum airflow of over 90CFM. The magnetic bearing has a good reputation and should be far quieter and longer lasting that the older sleeve bearings. Attaching the fan to the motherboard is a 3-pin connector for use with or without the bundled fan controller.

Tuniq’s approach to the base is a direct contact or HDT (heatpipe direct touch) design whereby the heatpipes are smoothed down to contact directly with the IHS on the processor (as opposed to using a machined metal base with the heatpipes behind).

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The HDT technology has both advantages and disadvantages but the heat transferred straight to the copper pipes for distribution through the fins stack can be no bad thing. The problem is that a completely smooth finish is hard to achieve as the pipes have to be precisely aligned with the adjoining metal and grooves are hard to avoid – Tuniq have done a pretty good job in truth though.

The heatpipes, totalling five, then run up through the structure to dissipate the heat; it’s also good to see that they are offset so as to make best use of the whole fin stack for even heat distribution.

One thing missing is the ability to attach extra fans to the edges of the cooler for additional performance as seen with the ASUS Triton 88. Still, the build quality looks to be of good order.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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