Thermalright IFX-14



I went into this review thinking that it would be a sure-fire Extreme award product. Unfortunately, after the day of testing, I was left wanting. It would be easy to pass this domed base off as a manufacturing one-off but the Ultra eXtreme also showed these symptoms leading me to believe that other samples will exhibit the doming to some extent.

If Thermalright flatten this base, I would love to review this again and hopefully provide some much more positive feedback. Instead I’ll either have to sand the base myself – which I doubt many others will – or live with a heatsink with enormous potential that is stunted by a simple fabrication issue.

Pros Cons
Possibly awesome cooling Un-even base
Performs well, even with the faulty base Requires high powered fan



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Thanks go QuietPC for providing us with the cooler


Last modified: August 15, 2011

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