Sunbeamtech Twister 120

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Sunbeamtech Twister 120 Review


Here at XSReviews we’ve seen a multitude of CPU coolers over the years from the good, the bad to the ugly. One thing we can say though is that the tower format heatsink has undoubtedly prevailed as the base concept for the majority of designs. Whilst each manufacturer opts for their own variation of fin spacing, sizes, fan combinations etc., ultimately the initial design can be boiled down to a tower of aluminium fins.

Naturally, the cooler sat in front of us today is no different. With the tower layout firmly at the heart of the Sunbeamtech Twister 120, we’re looking at small variations, in comparison to competing heatsinks, to set this cooler apart from the crowd: let’s take a closer look to see what we’re dealing with.


Last modified: March 7, 2011

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