Sunbeamtech Core Contact Freezer


Box ‘n Bundle

The Freezer arrived in a fairly standard sized sturdy cardboard box. The packaging is adorned with several images of the Freezer’s plus points. The rear of the box simply lists the features and specs of the cooler in full, with a couple more images.

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Inside the box is a smaller one containing the various bits and bobs needed for installation.

Inside we find:

  • Two fan clips for attaching the fan to the Core-Contact Freezer
  • Retention bracket for Intel LGA775
  • PCI fan speed controller
  • Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste
  • Installation manual
  • Various mounting kits

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Interestingly the thermal paste supplied isn’t the usual plastic sachet of the tacky and useless grease normally supplied, but a syringe of the Tuniq TX2 paste which has been talked about a lot recently because without any metal or electrical conductivity, Tuniq TX2 is safe, reliable and the most effective thermal compound for your valuable CPUs and coolers.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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