Spire CoolFlow III


Box n’ Bundle

At first glance, the box looks very boring with no attention-seeking graphics or loud boastful features dotted about. The size also got to me, in a world where ‘bigger the better’ is often the case, this wasn’t a very good start for the Spire as the box is tiny.

The front is pretty much bare; it doesn’t even say the products name – which definitely isn’t good for a potential buyer. The colours used on the box are fairly boring and the style is repeated all over.

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So far from the box, all we know is that the product inside is made by Spire, is a CPU Cooler and is “ISO 9001 Certified”. Let’s hope the sides or back of the box are a bit more informative.

The left side clearly says “Installation manual inside of box”, this is repeated 7 times in various languages. Moving to the other side, there’s some information – at last – with the features of the cooler being listed tidily. At the back of the box, there are small captions of other Spire products.

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This box is quite simply appalling. Not only do we not know what Spire product is inside, we also have no idea what socket the CPU cooler supports and have no figures on the fans noise levels, RPM etc. All this is information which a buyer would want to know before making a purchase.

Along with the CoolFlow, two manuals and a small syringe of thermal paste are supplied. The darker of the manuals is for the actual product and is very informative with lots of photos and content. The other manual is for an entirely different model so can be disregarded.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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