Spire CoolFlow III

Spire CoolFlow III Review


When it comes time for an enthusiast to upgrade his or her processor, it’s usually quite a momentous occasion. Lots of planning goes into the perfect choice of hardware, and it’s not uncommon for a cooler upgrade too; as faster usually means hotter. Therefore they usually go for something something much beefier than before – not one which looks similar to the stock Intel model. It’s odd saying that as today, we’ve got a Spire CoolFlow for review, which does, look remarkably similar to the stock Intel heat-sink and fan. Let’s just hope it gives a boost in performance.

About Spire

“Founded in 1991, Spire is a leading premier brand for computer thermal solutions, power supplies and enclosures. In order to meet the requirements and demands of the global market, we have established our production facilities and corporate office in ShenZhen, China. Our overseas branches are located in USA, The Netherlands, U.K, Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil. All locations are strategically located to better work with the customers we serve.”


  • High performance and quiet operating processor cooler
  • Ultra quiet cooling fan
  • High density heat-sink fin design
  • Specifically designed retention clip
  • Easy installation and release
  • No risk of damage to other components
  • Reduces processor temperature
  • Extends processor life
  • Full 5-year warranty from the date of purchase

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