Silverstone Nitrogon NT06 CPU Cooler


Silverstone Nitrogon NT06 Review


For a company that has only been around for 3 years or so, Silverstone has certainly made an impressive impact on many areas of the PC hardware market. Today I am testing their Nitrogon NT06 CPU cooler. Let’s see what impact it makes on the CPU HSF market.

A little about Silverstone

Founded in the summer of 2003, SilverStone Technology is now a proven leader in the field of aluminum
enclosure design and manufacturing. Our expertise in creating functional works of art from ordinary
electronics and computer components is widely recognized. Numerous designs and ideas for improving
computer enclosures were first created by our talented team of engineers, who are regarded by many
as leaders in their respective fields. Today, SilverStone Technology continues to garner attention and
awards that reflect our original vision of creating the most advanced and beautiful products available on
the market.

Silverstone’s Take on the Nitrogon NT06 CPU Cooler

The Nitrogon NT06 was designed and created with one single purpose, to cool the hottest CPUs in the world. To achieve this goal, the original Nitrogon NT01 was brought back onto the drawing board and modified with more than twice the surface area to significantly increase heat-absorbing performance. A new “FM122” 120 x 32mm fan with powerful air pressure rating is then used to provide forced-air heat dissipation with the ability to cool components around the CPU area. Careful planning and bending of the thick sintered powder heat pipes ensures that the NT06 can fit on almost any motherboard and in most cases. For all out CPU cooling performance without compatibility problems, the Nitrogon NT06 is truly the ultimate solution.


Silverstone Nitrogon NT06 Specifications


Large heatsink surface area
Powerful FM122 120 x 32mm fan included
Powdered HeatPipes
P4 Socket 478, LGA775, and Athlon 64 compatible
Fan speed controller included


Last modified: February 14, 2011

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