Silverstone FN122 and FM83



Although fans are probably one of the last things that an enthusiast want to consider spending their hard earned cash on, with examples like the FM and FN range around it is really worth thinking about. With both fans at low RPM you get a quiet fan that still manages to move a fair amount of air, but crank up the RPM on the FM83 and it moves a lot of air; but it is a tad loud (OK, very loud). Both fans managed to pick up barely any dust after our testing, both were comfortable to use unless pushed to high RPM and even the price isn’t bad.

The only thing that could really be improved on these fans is if the FM83 was a bit quieter when at full tilt as it really is unusable at that level. However, this setting is really only designed for suicide runs and at least you have the fan controller to turn it down when you want.

Pros Cons
Both quiet at low RPM Loud at high RPM
Smooth surfaces pick up very little dust FM83 can only be mounted one way
Reasonably priced


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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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