Scythe Typhoon

Gentle Typhoon 92mm Fan

The gentle typhoon fan has a seven blade grey impeller which a black casing. This is not particularly attractive and I would have thought a more colourful impeller would be more appealing.

The impeller has been designed to combine high airflow with low noise outputs so as to be able to cool hot components effectively. The blades are supposedly designed in such a way that they reduce the disturbing frequencies picked up by the human ear.

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The fan runs at a speed of 2150RPM and only produces 20.0 dBA which seems very impressive.

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The back sees a frame for keeping the motor in place with a small sticker on the back. This displays a few logos along with the starting voltage and current.
The motor for the Gentle Typhoon has been constricted in such a way that it produces less vibrations by using coil dampeners; effectively the motor doesn’t wobble as much so less vibrations are emitted.

This also prolongs the life of the fan and has an estimated MTBF of 100,000 hours at 35°C or 60,000 hours at 60°C so it should keep going for a long time.

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Finally, the 92mm fan uses a 3-pin connector that can plug straight into the motherboard or uses a molex adapter, from the PSU.

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