Scythe Typhoon

Box & Bundle

The fan arrives in a clear plastic box with the fan inside a cardboard shell. From the front, the whole 92mm fan is visible. At the top the Gentle Typhoon logo stands out along with all the features surrounded by coloured bubbles. The background sees a small typhoon above a stretch of water.

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The back is much more informative and sees the full table of specifications in several languages. At the bottom are the characteristics of the fan and a small diagram. A small cut out gives a view onto the centre of the back of the fan.

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In terms of accessories, there are only a few:

  • 4 screws
  • 3-pin to 4-pin (molex) Connector

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You will notice that there aren’t any anti-vibration fan mounts which is a shame as this could result in the vibrations being transferred to the chassis and in this process amplified.

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