Reeven RCCT

Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3


CPU Cooling has advanced somewhat in recent years with many different techniques being tried and tested. A relatively new company, Reeven, currently offer two direct heat-pipe CPU Coolers. Today, we’ve been luckily enough to acquire one such cooler, the RCCT-0901S. Let’s see if it performs to the same specification of more well-known CPU Coolers.

About Reeven

REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products in 2008.

REEVEN’s product lines include the best quality and the most advanced CPU Coolers, Cooling Fans, Power Supply Units, PC Cases and many other items. The target for these products is a wide variation of end users under our philosophy “Tools for Professionals”. The professionals never compromise the quality, the performance and its beauty.


  • Unique bent fin design Adjusted Air-Channel Structure to guide air pass to the mainboard.
  • Powerful cooling perfomance due to Heatpipe Direct Contact Solution.
  • Using 3pcs 100% quality controlled best quality 6mm heatpipes.
  • Compact design and easy installation for entry-level users and main-stream users.

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