Prolimatech Lynx

The Cooler

The heatsink looks excellent. The fin spacing is fairly medium, good for a range of fan speeds.

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With the heatsink on its side you can see how thin the thin array i,s and you can see the warning sticker on the bottom to protect the base while it’s being shipped.

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Here you can see the base, the three 6mm heatpipes come in good contact with the base piece of copper.

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You can see some light machining marks on the bottom but nothing that should affect performance.

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Here you can see how the fins interlock, the benefit of this is more surface area and more contact with the heatpipes.

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Here’s the heatsink next to its bigger brother, the Panther.

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Here’s the Lynx fitted with the provided 1600RPM PWM fan.

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Finally here it is with two Gentle Typhoon AP-15’s.

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