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Prolimatech GenesisIntroduction

PC cooling is an issue. Without proper cooling your components will have a reduced life span and possibly overheat causing permanent damage. That said, companies in the cooling market are always looking for ways to improve their current products or come up with a new perspective on cooling. This time we are looking at the Prolimatech Genesis.

Prolimatech is known for high-end air cooling heatsinks like the Megahalems, Armageddon and Super Mega. The Genesis is supposedly a hybrid processor and motherboard cooler and in this review we’re going to see whether Prolimatech’s hybrid is any good.

What does Prolimatech say about the Genesis?

Tower CPU heatsinks have been mainstream for the past few years. While power end users may consider them to be pinnacle when it comes to performance, there are others who would prefer down draft low profile heatsinks for their versatile ability to cool not just the CPU but also its surrounding components such as RAM, MOSFET, and Northbridge chipset heatsink. Genesis combines the best of both worlds with top-notch engineering design and superior built quality and performance that are surpassed by none. If you are looking to overclock your CPU to the max while keeping your system stable, we highly recommend the ultimate CPU heatsink, Genesis.


Heatsink Dimension: (L)146mm * (W)216.5mm * (H)160mm

Heatsink Weight: 800 g(without fan)

Suggest Fan: 120mm X 120mm X 25mm,140mm X 140mm X 25mm

Heatpipe: Ø 6mm X 6pcs

Suggest Fan Speed: 800~1600 rpm

CPU Platform: Intel Socket LGA 775/1366/1156/1155 , AMD Socket AM2/2+/3

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