NZXT Cryo LX Vs. Vizo miniNinja 2





Laptop (no cooler)

Laptop + Vizo Mini Ninja II

Laptop + NZXT Cryo LX (fans low)

Laptop + NZXT Cryo LX (fans high)











As you can see, neither cooler dramatically improved the temperatures of the CPU. However, there were subtle decreases that could help keep those vital components extra cool so maybe there is some benefit.

The Vizo only caused a minute temperature change of one degree for both idle and load and this is down to the considerably smaller two fans than the NZXT and so doesn’t really offer any significant cooling benefit. However, the NZXT did manage slightly better results – the triple 120mm fans managed a 5 degree drop when at high.


The price difference of the two coolers is quite vast as the smaller Vizo Mini Ninja II comes in at £20 but the NZXT Cryo LX is a huge £45. Now this seems ridiculous as £45 for any sort of cooler is a lot of money, but for a laptop cooler it’s huge – probably due to the size and brushed aluminium surface; I have to admit it does look good but is it really needed for something hidden under the laptop?


Due to its considerable size, the Cryo is by far and away the heavier of the two products. Whilst this isn’t an issue when in use on a desk, it does mean that this cooler can’t be easily transported and so is not suitable for taking with the laptop when using it away from home. Whereas, the Mini Ninja, weighing in at only 650g, and is also much smaller, would be a better choice for this purpose although neither cooler, can be used effectively for ‘on-the-lap’ use of the notebook.


In terms of noise, neither cooler really whined once cranked up to full speed but you could hear the NZXT humming a bit, so I would suggest a medium RPM setting. Obviously this is up to your own personal opinion, though. 

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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