NZXT Cryo LX Vs. Vizo miniNinja 2


Box and Bundles


The box for the Cryo is much larger than the Ninja and depicts the silver version of the product – I have the black one – alongside a splash of blue water (or so it looks like). Also, on the front is the NZXT logo accompanied by the phrase ‘world’s largest full aluminium notebook cooler’. I’m not sure whether this really sells the product as big means bulky which means traveling with it is going to be difficult.

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The reverse side of the box displays the main features in four different languages. This time both versions are displayed – black and silver – with a large tick next to the one inside.

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In terms of accessories there are very few:

  • USB to USB cable
  • USB to DC cable
  • Manual

Well, I say manual but in actual fact it’s just a folded A4 sheet of paper providing a few basic instructions; not that any are needed as installation simply involves connecting up a couple of cables. 

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Vizo Mini Ninja II

As I mentioned before, the Mini Ninja box is much smaller and contains another sub-box inside in which the product is kept secure. The design of the packaging is quite stylish with spinning blades in the background linking in the ninja theme. Again, the product image and company logo are displayed alongside two close-ups of the notebook cooler.

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The back shows the features, specification and what is included in the overall package. More close ups and then finally the phrase ‘Noiseless Heat Killer’ – Vizo placing a lot of emphasis on the noise aspect; let’s hope it delivers in the testing.

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Two accessories included with this bundle and no manual (I don’t suppose it’s really required):

  • USB Cable
  • Screws

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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