Noctua NT-H1


It would have made this conclusion a whole easier if there was a definite difference between the products tested, but unfortunately that was not obviously the case. If you have a higher TDP processor, then you are likely to see the Noctua paste edge ahead further.

The Noctua NT-H1 comes to the heatpaste arena with a solid result, beating Artic Silver 5 by a small margin, but small enough to pronounce it the winner.

In all honesty, the true test comes down to price, and more importantly availability. Artic Silver 5 produces a good result and its available nearly everywhere, from street outlets to eBay meaning that by numbers alone it will sell. Noctua need to sell this paste for less and get it to every well-known e-tailer making sure to uncut the opposition and proving to the consumer that their product is the best.

The choice comes down to your preference rather than facts and figures.

Pros Cons
Good, solid temperatures Difficult to spread
Low price No spreader
Reasonably cheap



Thanks go to Noctua for providing us with the thermal compound.

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