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At first glance of this I thought having a big heatsink held up only by heatpipes wasn’t a very wise idea, I could see the whole thing being accidentally crushed or deformed if dropped or handled a bit too carelessly but upon further inspection there’s a steel support also holding the heatsink up.

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Where the support meets the heatsink Noctua have installed silicon inserts to reduce vibration noise, nice touch.

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The two 140mm fans also each have silicon inserts at each corner to prevent excess noise.

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The base of the cooler has quite a nice finish. It isn’t a perfectly mirror-like but it still looks high quality.

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The two high performance NF-P14 140mm fans are impressive in their own right, with 9 fan blades, SSO bearings and Noctua’s Vortex-Control notches (designed to reduce turbulance and increase fan efficiency). They’re also suprisingly quiet.

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The Noctua NH-C14 can be used in three ways; dual fan mode, where both of the fans are installed.

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Low profile mode for people with smaller cases and not enough room for the taller heatsinks.

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And high clearance mode, providing additional room for nearby componants such as larger RAM modules etc.

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The only downside to these fans are the colour. In my opinion brown isn’t very attractive and giving you the colour options to match some of the popular colours chosed by hardware manufacturers and case manufacturers would be nice.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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