Noctua NHC-14

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The box it comes in is eye catching but sensible, being mostly white with grey outlines of the cooler on each side.

There’s a list of specifications on the top.

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On the left side of the box are some details on the different modes this cooler can operate in.

On the right side are the dimensions.

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Opening it up you’re greeted by another white box. This contains all the Intel and AMD mounting brackets, a long handled screwdriver, a manual, a bag containing the L.N.A and U.L.N.A adaptors, screws, thermal paste and a cool looking metal case badge.

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I was impressed with the badge, nice, chunky metal.

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The included Intel kit.

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And the AMD kit.

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Opening up the little booklet reveals two instruction manuals, one for Intel systems and one for AMD.

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Under this is another piece of white card and under that is the box containing the cooler itself, which we’ll look at now.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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