Noctua NF-P12


It’s incredible the volume that this fan produces and equally incredible when you see not only the airflow figures but the static pressures. It obvious that this fan has been designed for watercooling setups where static pressure plays a large role.

It should be noted however that you’ll never see the rated volumes of noise in real world usage. Once you put this fan behind a fan grill or radiator, the noise level rises as the air rushes past the grill or fins.

Quite simply put, the Noctua NF-P12 is THE quietest wind maker I’ve ever seen. This comes at a premium but for an investment of £15 you’ll get a fan rated to work for 17 years which is less than a pound a year to live in computing silence.

In a way, this fan just makes me want to see what other inventions come from the design workshop at Noctua, where will they go next? Only time will tell and I’m sure you’ll hear about (or not as the case is with there fans) them shortly.

Pros Cons
Silent ‘Distinctive’ colour scheme
High static pressure Expensive
Long lasting



Thanks go to Noctua for providing us with the fan.

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