Larkooler KU3-241 Watercooling Kit



With the summer coming up everyone is in dire need of adequate system cooling and Larkooler knows this. A while ago they introduced their new watercooling kit, which should be silent, cool and artistic at the same time. The KU3-241 is the follow-up of it’s older brother which means it must bring better performance to the table; let’s see if this holds true!

What does Larkooler tell us about the KU3-241

“Teamed up with professional and experienced PC cooling experts, Larkooler wants to create an innovative cooling solution for all PC users. The spirit of Larkooler is : Silent + Cooling + Artistic. We hope to bring tremendous fun of watercooling to all desktop PC users. Producing ultimate thermal solution is our job and our purpose is to make watercooling products affordable for everyone.

To meet the demands for PC enthusiasts, Larkooler comes out high-end G1/4″ liquid cooling kits. Not just bigger pump and tubing, Larkooler new G1/4″ kits will reach the extreme of PC watercooling. KU3-241 will set the benchmark for PC water cooling. The complete kit includes a high quality universal CPU water block, a high-flow pump, an acrylic reservoir, a 240mm radiator, dual 120mm fans, a bottle of 500ml coolant and ID 3/8″ tubes.”



Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Power Consumption: 10.8W (MAX)
Flow Rate: 450 Liters/Hour
Water Lift: 2.1 Meters/H2O
Optional Fitting: Dual 5.25″ Bay Mounting for Pump/Reservoir Combo


Dimension:75×100 x 35(mm)
Capacity : 140 ml
Material: Acrylic
Optional Fitting: Dual 5.25″ Bay Mounting for Pump/Reservoir Combo

Radiator & Fan

Material: Copper tubes with aluminum fins
Dimension: 310x124x35(mm)
Weight: 680g
Rated Voltage: DC 12V
Input Current: 0.25A ;0.15A
Speed: 1800RPM(12V); 1200RPM(7V)
Bearing Type: Sleeve
Radiator Color Options: Black / Silver / Golden

CPU Water Block

Material: Pure Copper
Dimension: 60(L) x 54(W) x 14(H)mm
Fitting: G1/4″ Thread – 3/8″ ID Barb Connector
Applications: Intel  LGA 1366 / LGA 1156 / LGA 775   AMD  AM3 / AM2 / AM2+ / K8


Last modified: May 12, 2011

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  1. Why do we need to regularly maintain our water cooler?

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