Jetart NC3300 Cool Stand Laptop Cooler

Jetart NC3300 Cool Stand


Jetart produce a myriad of PC cooling parts, from loud air moving monster PCI slot coolers to silent GPU coolers. Jetart also product other products like notebook coolers and temperature displays for case fronts. Today I have with me Jetart’s latest notebook cooling solution that not only helps keep the notebook cool, but allows you to rotate it; excellent for meetings or just spinning it round for fun. Read on to see what we thought of it.

A little about Jetart

Jetart Technology has been established since 1989. Jetart is not only a cooling devices designer but also a very professional & well-organized manufacturer, as well as an exporter. We now are focusing on developing “Thermal Solution” relating products. All of materials applied and production procedures are under very strict control. Our capacity has come up to 12 millions pieces per year. In the mean time, we create a brand name Jetart for all of our cooling products. Our goal to achieve is that Jetart represents image of innovation & good quality.

Jetart’s Take on the NC3300 Cool Stand

NC3300 is a Cool Stand especially designed for Notebook users’ applications. It enhances heat dissipating, and the adjustable typing posture meets user’s most comfort to be away from wrist injury resulted from long hours typing. You could share what’s on your screen with others during a meeting or a discussion by turning it around. Light, Thin and easy to carry, it’s your best mate anyplace.


Outline Dimensions 328.0 x 298.0 x 31.0 mm
Applications 14” ~ 17” Notebook
Rotation 360 Degrees
Weight 520g
Material ABS

Bits and Box

The NC3300 gives off a good first impression with the box. It is colourful and informative without being overly flashy. It gives you a short list of its plus points along with its a smart picture of itself.

Cool Stand Box

On the back is another picture with the laptop in place on the Cool Stand with some more detailed information on its specifications and features.

Cool Stand Box Rear

Since there are no “Bits” to speak of I will be moving swiftly onto the main body of this review, the Cool Stand itself.

The Cool Stand, up close and Personal

NC3300 Cool Stand

With the Cool Stand, it is obvious to see the message that Jetart are trying to convey; smooth sleek and sophisticated. The entire unit is made of matt black plastic emblazoned with the name of the product and “Jetart” at the front of it.

Jetart Cool Stand Logo

The main aim of the NC3300 is to raise the laptop away from the base giving the user a typing platform and at the same time allowing air to circulate underneath the laptop, allowing for more effective cooling of it; especially commonly hot areas like the battery.

Gap Under Laptop

At the back of the Cool Stand is the “Stand” itself, this being a plastic support which can be adjusted by placing its “Feet” into several different notches along the base of the unit.

Unit Notches

The support for the Laptop is hinged to provide one solid support strut and one adjustable strut that is equally sturdy once wedged against one of the feet notches.

Notebook Support

Another feature of the NC3300 Cool Stand is its rotating base. This would be especially usefull in conferances or perhaps just to show someone infront of you what you are doing without having to lift the notebook. The rotating base can be adjusted to turn with more of less force, depending on whether you want to safely turn your laptop around, or let it fly like a Merry-Go-Round.

Rotating Base


There is no easy way to test a product like this, so unfortunately the results are going to be based around my opinion of the product and how I feel it improved my notebook using experience. I also testing the temperature to see if there was a different between using the Cool Stand, and not using it.

Typing: Typing while the laptop is installed on the Cool stand is slightly easier due to the elevation of the keys, though it becomes increasingly difficult at the steeper angles so my guess is that most will have it around the middle raised section.

Cooling: Using the Cool Stand did make the notebook’s underside feel a little cooler. This was most noticeable on the battery. Although the drop in temperature wasn’t huge, I do like that this solution is completely unpowered. This saves having an extra USB slot used up just for a cooling solution.

Meetings: As pointed out earlier, the NC3300 does allow you to rotate your laptop on the circular base. This was very effective as I was able to adjust the tightness of the base to allow for smoother turning.


The Cool Stand was never designed to be an awe inspiring product, it was designed to achieve several simple things, and achieve them it does. It raises your notebook up, allowing air to circulate underneath keeping it slightly cooler than normal. It also provides the user with a slightly better typing angle and lets you adjust this to your preferred height. It even gives you the oportunity to rotate your laptop without lifting it. Sure this is not a product to call home about, but it looks sleek and proffessional and gets the job done.

Pros Cons
Sleek and Proffessional looking A little superfluous
Can rotate your laptop without lifting it Not the best cooling performance
Comfortable to use
Cools Laptop with no need for external power
Typing Angle improved

8 Star

I’d like to thank our sponsors Jetart for providing us with the cooler.

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