Jetart ezFan


Jetart ezFan


When the ezFan notebook cooler first arrived, we had reservations as to how well t would perform. Many notebook coolers in the past have offered little in the way of cooling and, in truth, been very disappointing.

The ezFan is a less conventional laptop cooler though in that it sits upright directing airflow at the notebook from the side which may make it even more improbable that the cooler will have any impact on the temperatures. However, the cooler is also marketed as being a keyboard and mouse cooler so will this make the ezFan into a good product? Let’s take a look…


“Many notebook users are looking for an external cooler to solve the problem of overheating. In addition, users commonly get sweaty palms when use the mouse and keyboard; this leaves dirt and grease on products, and may affect the user’s working effectiveness and mood.

NP8680 is a cooling fan designed specifically for use with notebooks. It can be placed anywhere according to requirement, and will blow a cooling airflow accurately at the notebook’s heat source for improving cooling efficiency. Meanwhile, the airflow can be controlled freely by fan speed adjustment. The unique base design allows fan direction adjustment that is helping the airflow gets into the bottom of notebook to solve the problem of overheating. You can also aim this product at your hand when you are using a mouse or keyboard. It will cool your hands, increase comfort and prevent sweating. The backside of this product contains a hidden cable slot; you can adjust the cable length as needed or stow the cable in the slot for convenient portability.”


  • All-round notebook cooling
  • Free airflow adjustment
  • Easy power cable extension
  • Hidden cable slot design
  • Light, thin and easy to carry


Jetart ezFan


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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