Gigabyte VPower



Having proved themselves as commendable GPU cooler manufacturers with their Cyclops, Gigabyte were keen for us to test their slightly higher end model, the V-Power. With a wider compatibility and 4 heatpipes more than the Cyclops’ 0, let’s see how it adds up.


  • Active Silent Pipe Technology
  • Supports nVIDIA® SLi™ and ATi™ CrossFire series
  • Universal mounting mechanism provides compatibility to wide range of VGA cards
  • 4 heat pipes with a large dissipating fin
  • Channeled airflow with low to no acoustic
  • Fan speed controller
  • White atmospheric LED backlight
  • 9cm ball-bearing fan
  • Memory heat sinks included


Specifications Heat sink dimensions 186 x 105 x 34 mm
Rated Voltage 12V
Rated Current 0.38Amp
Fan Speed 0~2,000 rpm
Compatibility Nvidia 7900 series
7800 series
6800 series
ATI X1950 series
X1900 series
X1800 series

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