Gigabyte Cyclops



Now it seems those with old school graphics cards have another decent product to opt for. Not only have Gigabyte produced a quiet cooling solution, but a down right effective one too. It beats the Jetart VC3600 which has been my favourite 6600 cooler for quite some time and it isn’t bad looking either. Also, while the compatibility list is pretty small, the fact that it fits an 8600GT too means you could upgrade to one of those and still keep this cooler.

The one down side to the Cyclops though is its price tag. While it might do all the things you want it to, it will set you back over £20 which is quite a lot for such a cooler. However, if you’re willing to splash out, you can’t really go wrong.

Pros Cons
Effective cooling Price is quite high
Quiet operation Mounting is a little fiddley
Comes with RAM sinks and easy to follow guide



Thanks go to Gigabyte for providing us with this cooler.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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