Gigabyte Cyclops




Looking at the graph, there isn’t a massive difference between the Jetart and Gigabyte coolers. However, the Cyclops is the clear winner by 3 degrees at full load. Interestingly though, it actually performed worse when AS5 was swapped for the supplied heatpaste.


One company found on Froogle is selling this for £22 which seems quite expensive considering this is mainly designed as a quiet cooling solution for older cards.

Noise Rating

Looking at the specifications of the cooler, 25db seems pretty good and this translates to actual testing very well, with the being pretty much silent throughout. You can only hear it by placing your ear a few inches from the fan, and how often do you do that while using your pc?

Compare this to the Jetart cooler which was much louder and in it’s old age had developed a vibrating noise also, and there really is no contest.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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