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With so many cooling companies out there, it’s not uncommon to find one that you haven’t heard much about before. Recently I was informed that I was being sent an innovative laptop cooler by a group called cRadia. I thought little of it until it arrived… let’s see if it’s performance is as crazy as it’s size!


Material Aluminium 6063 & Engineering Plastic
Dimension 320 x 395 x 58
Resting Area 320 x 350
Weight 2kg
Fan Dimension 220mm
Fan Speed 350-440 RPM
Fan Airflow 100 CFM
Fan Life Expectance 50,000 Hours
Fan Noise Level 18DB
Bearing Type 2 ball bearing

cRadia’s Take on the Flex

The Flex is a versatile stand that keeps your laptop cool without noise, lets you work comfortably at your desk and gives you 22 different tilting steps. It’s made with sand blasted aluminium with a deep silver or block anodized finish. The Flex is capable of accommodating standard or widescreen notebooks from 10″ to 20″.


Last modified: August 15, 2011

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