CoolIT Domino ALC Watercooling Kit

CoolIT Domino Review


Despite its advantageous nature over air cooling, thanks to its superior performance in the cooling department, water cooling is often avoided by many PC enthusiasts. Typically, this is due to it being a method that’s simply more complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

A whole array of components, from the reservoir to the pump to the radiator, are needed to set up a water cooling loop with high end kits reaching into the£200 price bracket. With air cooling, once the said chip chiller is mounted you’ve pretty much finished the installation but with liquid cooling, a leak test needs to be run not to mention fitting all the parts into a given case.

Evidently, it’s not an easy process and this leads us on to today’s product – The CoolIT Domino A.L.C. This kit combines all of the major water cooling parts into one unit making it far easier to install. It appears to bridge the gap between a simple air cooler and full blown water cooling loops and so could persuade some enthusiasts to take the plunge and give water cooling a shot. Let’s investigate a little deeper…


  • Domino A.L.C. offers the technological advantages of liquid cooling by efficiently transporting damaging heat away from the CPU as well as reducing overall chassis temperature levels. The system provides incredible thermal headroom, keeping pace with advances in processor technology and thus supporting the ability to maximize the performance of high performance PCs.
  • Users have the option to switch between three operation modes with the simple push of a button satisfying the need for quiet or the desire for over clocking performance. Domino A.L.C. is the only cooling solution with an integrated display providing system status as well as audible alerts if attention is required. The advanced micro-controller auto-regulates performance to ensure continuous protection for maintaining CPU reliability.
  • The compact Domino A.L.C. is factory sealed ready to be quickly and easily installed into the most crowded chassis. Mounting hardware for Intel 775/1366 and AMD AM2+ processors is included along with a specially engineered retention mechanism which ensures an optimum interface with the CPU and limits the weight on the motherboard to well below the maximum specified by CPU manufacturers.
  • This system of carefully designed and selected components will provide over 50,000 hours or worry free operation backed by an unprecedented 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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