Coolink Silentator



To test this cooler, I’ll put it through its paces at both maximum and minimum fan speeds, and using the same testing methodology as other coolers mounted on this processor.

The testing process consists of leaving the cooler for 30 minutes with no programs running and taking the average temperature resulting in an idle result. Loading testing consists of running both StressPrime on both cores and folding@home for another 30 minutes.

At minimum the cooler is pretty quiet, in fact mulnaz. At maximum, it’s not intrusive or load, but noticeable.

The ambient temperature remained at 19C throughout.

Coolink Silentator

As you can see from the results, this cooler is awesome. Full stop. Even with a ridiculous name as the Silentator, this is cooler is nothing to be laughed at. Managing a mere 37C at maximum fan power, and an equally small 39C at minimum, this cooler is fantastically quiet while retaining efficient heat dissipation. Interestingly, this cooler manages to beat an AMD stock cooler at idle, while the Silentator is under full load.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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