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As a hardware reviewer, many pieces of equipment have passed through my hands. I have sampled coolers for almost every place in my current rig. Radiator, CPU, RAM, graphics card, chipset, and case fans. However I have never had the chance to review a hard drive cooler, well thanks to CooLink, now is my chance.

About Coolink

Coolink is the link of cooling demands and solutions. Wherever and whenever the demand appears, we strive to come up with innovative and valuable solutions.”

First Look

Well here we are folks, a nice simple box containing my shiny new Coolink Hard drive cooler. The box has a blue and white colour scheme, obviously Coolink and attempting to show that their products are as “Cool” as the company name.


On the back of the box is a list of features for you to read. Obviously the features of a HD cooler are not too extensive, but it’s got a few all the same; operating speed and noise levels being paramount.

Taking it out the box, the cooler does feel a little light and tacky (Yes I am a fan of heavy products – they just feel better OK?). However, the build quality of the product is obvious when you take a close look at it. There is also an included a 7v-12v adaptor which can lower the power usage and sound output for those who worry about such things.



Installing the product was very simple indeed. It sits very neatly on top of your HD, and rested very comfortably inside my HD cage without any problems at all. The provided power cable was perhaps a little short, it was still adequately long for me to be able to reach the motherboard fan slot without having to stretch the cables too much.



For test conditions I let my computer run at an idle state for 30 minutes and tested the temperature using Speedfan. I then placed the HD cooler on and left that at idle for 30 minutes.

For testing at load, I did some large compression and archiving jobs for 20 minutes, and tested the temperature with and without the cooler during this operation; at around the 20 minute mark.

The results are as follows:

Pros Idle temperature (Deg C) Load temperature (Deg C)
Without Coolink HD Cooler 28 45
With Coolink HD Cooler 25 39

As you can see from the results shown above, the HD cooler by Coolink does do exactly what it says it does, it cools down your hard drive. The idle temperature change is no too significant, but the load temperature drop is more so.

The noise of this product, even at full tilt, was not too bad either. It was audible but not too the levels of many other products of its kind.

Just thought it also worthwhile to point out, you can actually use your own 80mm fan. This means that you can attach say a colourful LED fan instead of Coolink’s fan.


Hard drive cooling is a debated subject wherever you go. Lots of people swear by it, other people say it is not really necessary. However, studies have shown that cooler hardware usually means more stable hardware, and also almost always guarantees a longer shelf life. So if you are planning to keep your hard drive for a while, or if you are adamant that your HD must never even get a bit “Flakey” on you, then the Coolink product is a must for you. And for those of you that don’t fit into those categories, you can hardly go amiss for £8 can you?

Pros Cons
Quiet Cooling amount isn’t great
Cools your HDD Bit light and tacky
Looks ‘cool’ Not ‘silent’

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