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As you can see from the picture the base of the contact is covered in the usual plastic sticker to prevent a scratched contact.

It is often found that the installation of chipset coolers can be fiddly work and the ChipChilla was no exception. The rather fiddly mounting system of two rotating brackets which the push pins use to secure the device move incredibly easily, meaning they must be held in place whilst securing with the push pins.

There is the option to use the hook fixing for mobos that have the mounting hooks. Even though the installation was fiddly it was neither particularly lengthy nor frustrating.

To install the ChipChilla, I simply removed the old ( and somewhat smaller) heatsink, cleaned up the silicon and applied some of the included heatpaste. The heatpaste was very thin and seemed to spread out rather easily.

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The only real problem I encountered with the installation of this cooler was the fact the its inaccessibility meant that I had to remove my CPU cooler just to be able to get to the mountings. However when installed the ChipChilla really does look nice and once powered up this thing was silent.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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