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Coolermaster are more well known for their gamer and enthusiast chassis than anything else, but they also have a range of coolers. The desktop game is pretty competitive, but the laptop game is less so; mostly because no one has made one that actually has much of an impact. Well Coolermaster is attempting to stop that today with the SF-19, a large scale cooler with USB 3.0 compatibility. Lets see how it does.


Model SGA-6000-KKYF1
Color Black
Material Reinforced Anti-slip Rubber /
ABS Plastic /
Enhanced Mesh Structure
Weight 1.98kgs (4.37 lbs)
Dimension 500x340x75 mm (19.68”x13.38”x2.95”)
Fan Dimension 140 x 140 x 25 mm (dual)
Fan Life Expectancy 25,000 hours
Fan Speed 1,200 ~ 2,600 RPM
Compatibility up to 19″ laptop
USB Port Advanced USB 3.0 x 4
Micro – B x 1 (for power in)
Controller Stepless fan speed controller
Color switchable led light
Led on / off
Operation Temperature 7.5 degree
Power DC 12V / 2.5A adapter
UPC Code 884102010200


Mammoth cooling surface
SF-19 is constructed with an enormous heat-dissipating surface plain, made capable to endure critical temperatures from all laptop sizes, it is the state-of-the-art laptop cooler for all 19″ gaming laptops and beyond.

4 ports of USB 3.0
4 advanced USB 3.0 ports – supports the next generation of gaming laptops.

Structurally enhanced mesh surfacing
Cold-forged polygon mesh surface plains allows maximum air flow from high rotating fans, structured to efficiently normalize thermal formations, effectively cooling and alleviating tough spot-thermal build ups.

Swift carrying handle
Built for mobility, the SF-19’s swift-carrying Handle is build with an intuitive design and sturdy construction, made for quick LAN-party relocation and fast mobilization. The SF-19 is stealth and ambitious.

Anti-slip rubber cable slot
Reinforce with premium anti-slip rubbers, the SF-19 safely secures all laptop in place even under rigorous gaming. The rubberized areas also protect the SF-19 from damages, adding shock absorbing fortification to protect the hardware under transport. In addition to the anti-slip features it also act as a cable management system, assorting various types of cables for your laptop and peripherals.

2 removable 140mm S shaped blade fans
SF-19 is equipped considerably with 2 turbine fans, fully customizable and positioned to dissipate heat from the heat source directly. S shaped blade facilitates and exhale more cold air, providing unprecedented airflow.

Multi-light shader
Multi-light shader displays 7 changeable led colors, personalized with breathing effect, formulating the ultimate customization and ambiences for your favorite gaming rig.


Last modified: April 18, 2011

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