Coolermaster LED Silent Fan



On the actual level of airflow, the Cooler Master seemed to do its job well, while shifting enough air at low speeds to keep the noise levels down.

Also, not only are these fans quiet, they also glow pretty colours which I’m sure your Grandma will love.

However, there are some pointers to the Cooler Master Silent Fan which could be improved upon. Firstly the screws, this fan is suppose to be a ‘Silent Fan’ and indeed it is very quiet, but why haven’t Cooler Master included some rubber Anti-Vibration pegs instead of the old fashioned standard screws? This would further reduce noise levels by dampening vibrations. Secondly, you see a lot of fans nowadays with mini fan controllers included, or voltage reduction cables, thus reducing noise, so why haven’t Cooler Master done this? Surely if they want to create a fan which is ‘Silent’, they would’ve used all the methods in the book which show to reduce noise levels.

To conclude, I can say the Cooler Master LED Silent Fan is a very nice product. It glows a cool colour, works very quietly and is good for cable management. However like I just said, it could be improved upon greatly just by including Rubber Anti-Vibration pegs instead of screws and maybe providing a method which helps to control the fans speed. But, if you look at the cost at the cost, you can see that it’s very reasonable for a fan of this low noise level and “coolness”. So, if you’re looking to quieten your computer and would also like the cool glow, you might want to check out these Coolermaster ones. Just don’t expect to be able to manually control them without another purchase.

Quiet at low speedsNo rubber anti-vibration pegs
Looks good with LED’sNo manual speed control
Good price
Long cable for easy management




Thanks go to Coolermaster for providing us with these fans.


Last modified: August 17, 2011

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