Coolermaster LED Silent Fan


The Coolermaster LED Silent Fan

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The Fan itself is made from clear plastic and while the fins are of a fairly standard shape, they are all made of clear plastic. At the front on the middle of the blade is a holographic Cooler Master logo and at the side are two etched arrows to indicate which way the fan blows, and which way it, erm, sucks. This is always nice to see, as although there are general rules of thumb, there’s nothing worse than having to take things apart and reinstall them because they are mounted the wrong way.

There are four LED’s mounted at each of the corners of the fan. This helps to create a glow whilst the fan is spinning, something a gamer or modder would tend to like. It’s unusual seeing a ‘Silent Fan’ with LED’s as most of the fans on the market which are in fact, silent, are stealthy visually, as well as audibly.

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Fortunately this product is powered by the standard three pin connector but can also be powered by Molex using the supplied three pin- Molex adapter. This is my favourite method for powering a fan, as you can almost always find a spare 3pin connector on your motherboard and it doesn’t use a large, un-cable-management-like 4pin molex. Also, using the 3pin allows you to monitor PVM values. Furthermore, the three pin alternative to Molex allows for you to use a fan controller to regulate speeds.

The cable on the Cooler Master is sleeved in clear shiny plastic similar to the material used for the fan itself. This cable is 30cm long so is long enough for most users and anyone wanting to route their cables out of view.

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Last modified: August 17, 2011

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