Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO



While I was pleased with the temperature results, I did have a problem with the mounting system. Although it is a great feature that the cooler is supplied with a back plate and custom mounting system for both Intel and AMD systems. The cooler was mounted fine but when the cooler was subsequently removed from the system the threads on two of the bolts failed.

This may have been due to the thickness of the motherboard I used for testing. This put extra load on the threaded portion of the bolts which became stripped and damaged, but it’s something that Cooler Master should consider in the future.

Despite the threads being damaged, it was still possible to re-attach the cooler without an issue.

Luckily the mounting system was able to apply good pressure to the heatsink and kept it tightly mounted which is what is important; as most people won’t be frequently changing their cooler, or at least not as often as a reviewer.

The supplied thermal paste appeared to be of good quality and wasn’t very viscous, less viscous than the Artic cooling MX3 I’m used to using. The quantity provided though was not huge and likely will only last 4 or 5 mounts but as long as you’re not constantly removing your heatsink, you should find it to last you a while.

The base of the heatsink was flat and was machined to a high quality finish. There were not any large gaps between the heatpipes either which helps to ensure maximum heat transfer where it matters, over the CPU die.

Noise from a CPU cooler is always important. The fan is a 4 pin PWM controlled fan and was able to keep very quiet while idle and at load when running at stock frequencies. When load was applied to the CPU in an overclocked state, the fan span at its maximum RPM of 1600 RPM and still was quiet and did not make any irritating whines, whistles or vibrations. The included brackets for mounting a second fan are a great addition too.

Having spoken with Cooler Master, the intended RRP is £25. If they can stick to this, then that would be an excellent price point for the cooler; taking into consideration the newly designed, prettier looking 120mm fan.

I would recommend the cooler, especially if this price tag remains steady.


Good performance
Custom mounting system
Included mounting brackets for a second fan
Quiet operation
High quality thermal paste
Well priced


Custom mounting bracket quality is questionable
Small quantity of thermal paste provided
Wasn’t very easy to install while the motherboard is inside a case


Last modified: October 15, 2011

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