Cooler Master Gemin II SF524


Testing and Overclocking

Test Rig

CPU: AMD Phenom II 1090T
GPU: ASUS Reference 5870
Memory: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 DDR3
Storage: Crucial C300 128GB
PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 850W
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Case: Corsair 700D equipped with many fans


To ensure the results were consistent, the heatsink was mounted three times and idle and load tests run each time. An average of the results is shown below.

For idle testing, Windows 7 was allowed to run with no programs for 10 minutes.

For load testing I used Prime 95 Small FFTs and temperatures were taken after 20 minutes.

The standard thermal paste, provided with the cooler, was used.


The settings we used for our stock and overclocked tests are:

Stock – CPU 3200MHz Auto voltage (1.325v)
Overclocked – CPU 4000MHz 1.456v


NB. Due to the thermal probe built into the Phenom II CPUs being incorrectly calibrated, the temperatures displayed are 5C cooler than the actual temperature of the CPU. The temperatures are all taken from the same CPU so are all on the same scale.
With and without the silent mode adaptor, the cooler easily handed the load. For running a stock CPU you could link the silent mode adaptor very easily and just leave it cooling very quietly and never have an issue.

Reaching 67C without the silent mode adaptor is okay. The noise of the cooler is still reasonably quiet. Linking up the silent mode adaptor allowed the temperature to rise to 74C, 3C away from thermal shut down. It passed but only just.

As the cooler has holes for a 140mm fan, I thought I’d put one on. The Prolimatech Vortex 140 comes with two voltage adaptors, one to slow the fan to 1200RPM and one for 900RPM, both near the RPM the stock fan does.

Installing the 140 fan really helps. This cooler sees really good decreases in temperature from the extra performance. Even running at 900RPM the fan out performs the stock fan at 1300RPM. A very worthwhile upgrade if you’re planning to overclock with a Gemin II SF524.


Last modified: February 6, 2012

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Cooler Master Gemin II SF524

  1. KOTsays:

    I really liked this review. But I think that you had notice about existing Cooler Master Gemini II S524 (not SF524). Many people could make a mistake with that.

    And it would be very interesting for me to see a such test for CM Gemini II S524.

    And you have to check, that in testing screens you wrote “CM Gemini II S542”, when it is “524”. Yeah, that is a small mistake, but it also can cause some misunderstanding.

    1. Whooptysays:

      Thanks for the comment Kot. We’ll look into fixing these errors.

  2. zantiszarsays:

    yeah the s 542 has a pmw fan and spins up to 1700rpm and coolermaster rates it up to 72cfm versus the cfm of the sf version which is 56 or close to it would be nice to see diference between them

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