Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO



The testing results were expected for a cooler of this size and price range. This TX3 really is not designed to cool an overclocked 6 core CPU although it did manage it fine running at stock speeds.

The mounting system is always an important part of a cooler’s package. The provided mounting solutions were pretty standard and simply uses a clip for the AMD sockets and push pins for all Intel sockets. They both work fine and the AMD clip provided adequate mounting pressure to ensure a good mount.

The supplied thermal paste appeared to be of good quality and wasn’t very viscous, less viscous than the Artic cooling MX3 I’m used to using. The quantity provided was not huge and likely will only last 4 or 5 mounts but as long as you’re not constantly removing your heatsink, you should find it to last you a while.

The base of the heatsink was flat and was machined to a high quality finish. There were not any large gaps between the heatpipes either which helps to ensure maximum heat transfer where it matters, over the CPU die.

Noise from a CPU cooler is always important. The fan is a 4 pin PWM controlled fan and was able to keep quiet while idle and at load when running at stock frequencies. When load was applied to CPU when overclocked the fan span at its maximum RPM of 2200 RPM and started to become slightly noisy but did not make any irritating whines, whistles or vibrations. The included brackets for mounting a second fan are a great addition too.

Unfortunately due to this cooler not being available in the UK yet, we’re waiting on Cooler Master to find out what the intended price will be. As long as it’s similar to the previous generation of the TX3, I’d have no problem recommending it as a replacement for a stock cooler on a non-overclocked system.

Update: The price is now confirmed at £17 which isn’t bad at all.


Good performance
Included mounting brackets for a second fan
Quiet operation
High quality thermal paste


Small quantity of thermal paste provided
Wasn’t very easy to install while the motherboard is inside a case
Failed to keep the overclocked CPU within the maximum operating temperature


Last modified: October 24, 2011

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