BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro C1

Testing and Results

To test CPU coolers we boot the PC up to Windows and measure temperatures under idle and load state, using professional software.

For idle testing, we simply let the rig sit doing absolutely nothing for 30 minutes and take the most representative temperature of the last 10 minutes. The same is used for the load testing, but instead of letting the PC do nothing; we load all cores to 100% using multiple instances of SuperPi2004 and let the program(s) run for at least 10 minutes.

The whole system was setup for optimal air flow with multiple 140mm intake and exhaust fans, as is recommended for any system.

The tests were performed with a room temperature of about 22c, which is slightly above average. That said, the cooler delivers excellent performance, keeping even the 4.0GHz dual core below 45c. The unlocked and overclocked quad core at 1.44V runs slightly warm but still remains under 60c, which is, for a 100% load test, perfectly fine and will get you through the warmest summers!

Noise production of this air cooler is absolutely inaudible; at low, high and full RPM! This can be explained by the excellent fans BeQuiet! always manage to come up with.

Last thing to note is that, despite it’s excellent cooling performance, this heatsink is roughly twice as heavy as it should be. There are a fair amount of sub-1000g heatsinks out there that perform about as well, being less heavy and smaller in size which result in less physical pressure on the motherboard and more general ease of access to other components.

Pricing and Availability

The Dark Rock Pro C1 goes for at least €60.-, ranging up to absurd prices of €90.- and more. Availability is massive; like with any BeQuiet! Product.

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