Be Quiet Silent Wings USC 12cm

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BeQuiet Silent Wings USC 120mm

The fan itself is relatively standard looking, though there are a few features that are visually obvious.

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The corners feature these soft-ish, plastic spacers which are used to attach the fan to the case. They can be removed if you want to use normal screws, but these ones are the correct size for the bundled plastic plugs.

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The blades are also grooved to allow for a smoother airflow; apparently.

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Test Rig

Intel Core 2 Duo EQ9450 @ 3.2Ghz
Asus P5QL Pro
Super Talent 6400 4GB @ 800Mhz
Sound Card
Auzentech Prelude 7.1
Mach Xtreme MX-DS 100GB
Windows 7 Ultimate
Lian Li PC-B25F


To test this fan I installed it in the test rig and checked its noise output as with a fan called “silent wings,” you want it to be quiet and deliver a decent ammount of airflow. Unfortunately we don’t have the proper DB testing equipment, so we have to utilise the traditional by-ear test.



Installation was nice and easy thanks to the plastic pins. It seems a shame that they arn’t the silicon/rubberised versions, but they were very easy to use and held the fan securely in place in the front panel of the Lian Li PC-B25F.


Noise wise, I wouldn’t exactly say that this fan is silent, but it’s not bad. You have to have an ear quite close to hear anything of substance, but it does have a slightly high pitched whine when very near. However, with front panel and dust filter in place and you’re sitting at a normal distance there really is little noise to be heard. This isn’t the quietest fan ever, but any silence enthusiast will be happy with this one.

To help drop the noise output to complete silence you can use one of the voltage adapters, though of course this also drops the airflow as well.


The BeQuiet Silent Wings USC 12cm comes in at around £10.

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Last modified: March 7, 2011

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Be Quiet Silent Wings USC 12cm

  1. Chris Sumner says:

    I have 3 of the PWM version of these and they are amazing, not a problem since I bought them over a year ago. Easy to install, nice long black cable with the black mesh covering (not quite sure what the correct name for it is) and have no problem with the noise when used at 50-70% of its speed, however does start to become slightly noticeable when at full speed but that’s only because I sit right next to it. I definitely recommend any of the bequiet fan range to anyone.

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