AMA Aragon 900



The benefits of Water cooling are there to be seen with the decreased temperatures at both idle and load. Now I realise the price tag does seem very high but in all honesty, if you were to buy all the components separately it would be about the same especially once you consider you need the coolant, tubing, connections and all the other bits and pieces.

One thing I would say though is that this kit is much better for beginners with little water cooling experience; it’s good to get you into it and not be overly complicated. However, for more experienced users, custom builds are definitely the way to go as you can hand pick the best components to suit your needs.

A couple of things that I didn’t like particularly were, number one, the tubing it seemed to kink very easily and was really difficult to get off the nozzles when taking the setup apart and number two, the price to performance ratio isn’t really justifiable. Yes, you do get up to 10 degrees cooler but at about £65 more than the high end air cooler.

To sum it up, the AMA Aragon 900 is a good starter kit but it just depends on whether you are willing to splash out time and money for the performance increase

Pros Cons
All parts included Tubing kinks easily
Lowers temperatures more than air cooling Price to performance ratio
Lots of tubing
Quality parts



Thanks go to AMA Tech for providing us with this mouse.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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AMA Aragon 900

  1. kodie says:

    were can i buy one of these kits?

  2. JAy says:

    were can i buy one of these kits?

  3. soupdragon says:

    @jay, kodie: not in the UK thats for sure. Looks like a US import only (and pay duty and taxes on top)

  4. soupdragon says:

    @kodie, JAy: it’s a US import (duty and tax on top too)

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