Alpenföhn Peter


Alpenföhn has presented me with a work I find hard to judge. I think this cooler has extreme potential, especially considering that it cooled on-par with the decent ASUS V1 cooler with just two low-RPM fans. The problem is, there are too many downsides to this cooler to justify it over other typical GPU aftermarket coolers.

My two main arguments not to take this heatsink are the extreme price of at least €80.- including fans, and the improvised and sub-optimal cooling solution for a dual-card setup. For a single card setup you’re good to go, but I don’t see what this heatsink offers over other typical aftermarket coolers.


Performs well with low-RPM fans
Extreme cooling potential with high-RPM fans
Up to four fans for extra system cooling
Supports many recent graphic cards. Also others with some modification
It looks like a monster?


Needs fans to compete with other performance coolers
Very high price
550g heatsink tends to put a lot of pressure on the card
Extensive installation process

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