Coolermaster CM Storm Spawn

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Coolermaster Storm Spawn

The Spawn is quite an odd looking mouse, to my eye resembling a small animal paw instead of a traditional rodent. It’s quite squat and short, with a strong, sophisticated red colour scheme making up most of the mouse’s body. There’s also a couple of stark white logos, one for the CM Storm range, and another for the Spawn itself down the right hand side.

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The left hand side of the mouse has a relatively thick rubber pad with small air pockets that should help the material, and the skin of the user, breath, reducing perspiration build up. Above this are two traditional side buttons, each one offering a multitude of functions if you utilise the built in software; otherwise, they perform the traditional forward and back functions in a browser environment.

On the top of the mouse, there’s twin traditional left and right click buttons with the centralised scroll wheel. The former two have a soft rubber coating which is one of our fan favourite materials here at XSR as it’s very comfortable. Behind the soft plastic wheel are two DPI switch buttons, one up one down. They are just simple plastic affairs with seemingly no fancy materials used.

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The right hand side is a little different. It features the same holey rubber grip at the base, but above and just along from this is a very nicely situated finger groove. This one holds your ring finger, while the grip allows for little finger control and cushioning.

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While Coolermaster detail quite extensively the attributes of the fancy optical sensor on the base of the Spawn, it looks pretty normal to the naked eye. The underside features smooth plastic surfaces, but as far as I can tell they’re not teflon.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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