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Funny thing is, I didn’t have a full ATX-size setup at the moment I received this monstrous case; only a mITX system. Sad thing is, I don’t have an SFX-PSU so I couldn’t test the top compartment.


Installation of the system is easy and straightforward. As you can see the bottom compartment has an immense space for the longest video cards and eATX motherboards.

The hard drive hot-plug option is actually really neat, the only downside is that you need to figure out which panel connector corresponds with which hard drive.

Installing the CPU watercooling fan was a bit cumbersome, as the access to the screw holes, together with holding the fan in place wasn’t the easiest thing to do; it wasn’t nerve-wrecking though.


The front LED fans are silent, period. The exhaust fan is silent at 60%, slightly audible at 70% and clearly audible at 100%. It moves a lot of air at 60% already, so I’d suggest you silence it.

A very interesting setup one can use, if not using the case to its full two-system or double-rad potential, is putting the exhaust and CPU fan like in the picture, and installing an intake fan in the top system back panel for direct airflow.

Build quality

The case has a very durable build quality, the side plates fit fine and there aren’t many loose components. While building I never scratched or otherwise injured myself, as there are no sharp edges.

Pricing & Availability

In the Netherlands this case is found for €230.- at two webshops. In Germany it’s widely available, starting at €220.-. Price-wise this case is up there with the big boys, the high-end cases from Lian-Li and the full-size gaming towers from Silverstone, NZXT and the likes of such.
That’s nice, and all, but this is a case for two systems! Either that, or it can house a ridiculous amount of watercooling; how is this not better?  Let’s wrap up to see the verdict.

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Last modified: March 29, 2012

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