Xilence Interceptor Pro


Exterior – Sides



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The sides of a case are usually pretty boring, but not for the Xilence Interceptor Pro.


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In fact, you can take out the roster of the side panel for easy cleaning. Note that you can see me taking a picture in the rather small see-through panel; it’s actually transparent but lightning caused the reflection to be prominent.


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You can fit two optional 120/140mm or one 230mm fan on the side panel (picture taken 180 degrees rotated).


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The side wings can be removed by sliding the locks inward, they open up smoothly.


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Opened up, you get a nice view of what’s awaiting inside. Two 3.5” HDD’s can be installed and there’s room for four 5.25” bays.


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The other side of the case has a plain side panel.


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It also sports a wing for the mITX compartment.


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Opened up, you get a first glimpse of the hard drive connectivity tool that is being used, one 4-pin MOLEX power and two data connectors for SATA, for two SATA hard drives.

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Last modified: March 29, 2012

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