Xilence Interceptor Pro

Boxing & Accessories

When you receive the Xilence Interceptor Pro, you might need two men (or women) to carry it up the stairs. It’s fairly heavy, weighting well over 23Kg, and the boxing is a lot bigger than the actual case size. You’re looking at a meter in height here.


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The boxing is well done, though. It has a nice sketch art picture of the case you’re getting, some social network spam and the typical special features explained.


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The back of the box has a more detailed explanation on the feature set, including the specifications.

Moving on to the accessories, I found a white box, about the size of a typical ATX motherboard box.

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Inside are quite a lot of goodies.

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A lot of screws, for you’re going to house two systems in one case, which requires quite some mounting material. Also included are tie-wraps and a 24-pin ATX splitter.

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Another great find are the rubber feet for the case, they’re nearly 30cm in length and if you want to move your case around, you can remove the rubber.

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The most special accessories are probably the back plates for the upper case. Pre-installed is the SFX-PSU + I/O panel plate, also included are the 2nd-ATX-PSU + watercooling and 12cm fan + watercooling plates. This is where the seemingly endless options of this case start. The black strip is used to cover up the I/O shield hole, if you don’t plan on using it.

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Last but not least is the instruction manual, you might actually need it for this case, as it has many options and a few tricks you’d want to master.

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  1. I think it’s merely a case that Xilence have the ability to ship in Europe, while i’ve personally never heard of Azza here in the UK (before i heard about that case of course), so it’s possible it’s simply a US sister-company

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  3. No offense to Xilence, but this case looks exactly like the AZZA Fusion 4000.
    Could be we’ll have lawsuits over this one?

    1. Hah! I never saw this. Thanks for the heads-up!

      I think Xilence simply paid for the rights to put their name on it.

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