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Testing cases is another one of those odd “benchmarks”, as the main test of any case, is what features it has, and whether its cooling options are quiet. The features are detailed in the look at the case itself, but individual ones will be looked into during the testing to highlight any problems or particularly innovations we liked.

We also have a rather unique test termed the case “strength” test. This involves yours truly standing on said case, and checking how it reacts in terms of flexing.



The strength test, while involving me elevating my person a few feet higher than normal, is also a test of build quality as well as structural integrity. In both these instances, the White Knight does fairly well; though some parts of it better than others.

The actual frame of the case is pretty solid and withstands weight and pressure easily enough. The side panels are built to a similar standard, flexing very little when put under pressure; they’re also thick enough to withstand impacts without problems. However, the same cannot be said for the grills on the case. I understand that these are of course going to be structurally weak when compared to a piece of solid metal, but grills that bend when only light pressure is applied I can do without.

Ultimately the chassis is a pretty solid build, and it will protect your internal hardware if you need to throw it around for whatever reason, but I wouldn’t recommend putting anything heavy on any of the grilled fan intakes and exhuasts.


Cooling wise, at stock the White Knight is reasonably well equipped, if a little standard. It has a single 120mm intake fan at the front, and one 120mm exhaust fan at the rear. The specifications lists top and bottom fans also, but these do not come as stock. While there is the ability to expand the basic cooling to unimaginable levels, there isn’t a lot to be getting on with. Xigmatek provide you with the basics, and expect anyone that wants a little more air moving through their case to handle it themselves.

In terms of upgradability, this chassis really does have a lot of options though. You can fit up to two 140mm fans in the top grilled compartment, a 140mm fan in the base and up to two 140mm fans on the right hand side panel. On top of all this, the front 5.25″ drive bays are all grilled, as is the left side panel and the PCI brackets. As long as cable management is handled well, there’s no reason you won’t have excellent air flow in this case.


While the white LED fans that comes stock with the chassis do look particularly cool…

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Hooked up to a molex 4pin does make them rather noisy. I’m no silence enthusiast, but they’d annoy me if I had them in my case. My recommendation? Use the bundled fan controller to keep these puppies wound down unless you’re upping your overclock. When dropped to around 50% they get much quieter, though of course if you want complete silence, you can always swap them out for something a little more refined in the noise department.

Cable Management

This part of the review is going to be a bit glowing. The cable management in the White Knight is some of the best I’ve seen in any case. It has a whole host of holes in the motherboard tray to facilitate the hiding away of many cables, and there’s room behind the tray to tuck them all away without ramming the side panel on.

On top of this, it seems every single edge that you may expect to be sharp is wonderfully rounded off. This not only helps with cable management as you don’t risk shearing through them, but it also makes it far safer to use as you’ll never slice yourself open on a roughly machined corner. I have several PC installation battle scars to prove that this is a real danger in some “cases”.


Cost, the section that shows whether all the features and extras are worth it. I think most would say in the case of the White Knight that it was, as it runs well under the expected £100 mark, coming in at an impressive £60 at most e-tailers.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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