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OK, so I normally get a bit indecisive about the things I review. However, my indecisiveness didn’t get the better of me this time. I loved this chassis. My only problems with it were the sturdiness and the way the HDD cages faced, but the latter of which is more of a personal problem than a general one.

The cost of this case might hold it back somewhat, since it’s £83 before the investment for additional fans. Depending on where you’re buying from, this case could cost you up to £140. It’s big brother, the Touch 787 comes with ten fans pre-installed as opposed to the two fans that come with this model, so some customers might be more tempted by that.

Regardless, that doesn’t stop the Touch 767 being a good case. It has everything that you need out of a chassis, and manages to look good as well.


Now, if you’re determined to build the Deathstar of PCs, then you might consider this case. If you’ve got a mid to high-end gaming PC then this is also the chassis for you.

You’re definitely getting bang for your buck out of it, and if you have the spare money to invest then I definitely suggest doing so.

If you’re looking to buy a new chassis for your PC, then this could be the chassis for you. Despite my harsh scoring, I’m awarding this a very, very respectable 9/10. It would be a perfect 10/10, but the problems with its sturdiness are holding it back.



All-black interior
Excellent cooling
Very quiet
Touch-screen fan controller
Tool less installations for drives and PSU



Not incredibly sturdy


XSReviews.co.uk awards the Xclio Touch 767 9/10 stars!


Last modified: April 25, 2012

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