Xclio Touch 767


Testing and Results



Unfortunately, no savant has yet to figure out a way in which we can efficiently rate and test the features of a computer chassis, so you’ll have to rely on my personal experience with this case. The obvious things to do are to rigorously test the key features, such as strength and cooling. So without further adieu; my review.


The sturdiness of this case is a bit questionable. Whilst the case flexed a minor amount when I moved it, that’s normally to be expected. However, when I was packing it up to take to a LAN party, I managed to knock it on a door very slightly and for some reason both of the sides fell off. Now, I don’t know if I’d somehow cocked up screwing it together, or if the screwholes were really that fragile, but I had a difficult time getting it back together.

Noise and Cooling

With just the two fans it comes with and a CPU cooler, this case is pretty inaudible. As for the cooling, it’s pretty efficient at what it does.


The biggest feature is the touch screen fan controller. I feel I should be making a big deal out of it, but a lot of fans come with built in fan controllers these days. I’ll admit that not so many are as complex, but it still doesn’t feel like I should be ranting and raving over a fan controller.

The twelve fan support seems pretty cool (pun not intended). However, it only comes with two of the possible twelve so you need to invest quite a bit to get the most out of this chassis (or get proper watercooling Ed.).

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Last modified: April 25, 2012

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