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From the get-go, the Touch 767 doesn’t look too fancy. It’s got a nice matt black finish, large fan grills and a rather funky layered thing going on for the front design. It’s quite noticeable, but it’s nothing special that jumps out at me immediately.


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Then again, the I/O panel has a rather large amount of buttons. An extraordinary amount for a regular I/O panel, anyway. That’s because the Touch 767 is named for the touch screen interface that bedecks the top of this chassis. The touch screen itself is the main feature here, with light up buttons and a power switch. Past that though, we’ve got plenty of USB ports, mic and headphone jacks and an e-SATA port as well.


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The next big feature is the absolutely huge grill that takes up most of the side panel. It’s set up so that it can support six 120mm fans. There’s no pre-installed fans included on this particular model of case, unfortunately.


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The front of the case has what appears to be a bee-hive design going on. When I first looked at this case I thought that this would be hiding a front-mounted fan or two, but it turns out I was wrong on that account. The top half of the ridges are segmented and can be taken out or replaced quite easily to match any expansion drives you may want to include. Should you feel the need to continue to spend money on fans, then there is some space hiding behind the bottom half of the ridges to install another two fans.


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The back of the case comes with a pre-installed fan. Above that we have a pre-built set-up for water cooling pipes.


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There’s also another pre-installed fan on the top of the case, with a large grill that leaves room for the addition of yet another fan if you’re comfortable with dropping some extra cash on yet another 120mm fan to match the first.


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Internal Features

It’s quite roomy inside the Touch 767, which isn’t surprising considering that’s it’s a full tower. There’s adequate space between the motherboard placing and the HDD cage to route cables. The black paint job continues inside here as well.

The HDD cage is facing inward, which vexes me. And there’s also a lack of trays meaning that each individual drive has to be screwed in. The drive bay has a very nice tool less set-up that’s easy to use.

And visible on the bottom of the case is room for yet another fan. Next to that in the PSU slot though is a Velcro strap, allowing you to install your PSU without having to screw it in.


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Last modified: April 25, 2012

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