Thermaltake Level 10 GT


Well, the Level 10 GT. It is an iconic build to be remembered and revisited from time to time for inspiration and nostalgia, or like its earlier version is it to be considered merely a bit of a trial run, something of a failed experiment? While there is certainly an element of the latter with its very gaudy plastic finish and its slightly clunky build quality, I’m learning more towards the former.

This is a case that comes packing almost everything you could want in a chassis. It’s roomy, its got great cooling, built in fan controller and lighting control, outstanding cable management and a very sturdy frame. If you can get past the monumental price tag and the fact that the sight of it screams “over the top,” then the GT could well be for you.

But I still think it’s older brother is prettier. That sounded weird.

NB. Guest tagline by Ian Jackson: Its like something out of total Recall. Its good, but looks like ****.


Great cooling
Outstanding cable management
Built in fan controller
Many toolless mechanisms to ease installation
Sturdy and strong frame


Bit ugly if you ask me, but that’s personal taste
Very gaudy plastic exterior. Doesn’t feel like the streamlined cars its inspired by.
With higher quality materials, it could be amazing
Expensive, despite what you get

2 responses to “Thermaltake Level 10 GT”

  1. First thoughts of the first Level 10 was that it would overheat like crazy. Glad to see they’ve fixed the issue in this revision but still needs a face life. It has the ugly duckling effect to it. Ugly on the outside but beautiful within.

    1. I agree. It sort of feels like they took a really good case and slapped some plastic on it.

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