Sunbeam Tech UFO Cube



Unlike other cases, I decided to forgo the usual standing test, as the case would have simply snapped.

To test whether the case would get covered with dust, I decided to install a power supply, shorted the on wires (more info here) and connected the two fans up, leaving it for two weeks. After this time, surprisingly the case looked no different from when the test was started apart from the single still alive moth that snuck in. Granted there was no motherboard, drives etc. to trap dust, but the case performed admirably.

Noise wise, the two 120mm fans are pretty quiet and move a far amount of air while shining blue light. With my PC installed, which only has quiet components, the case was at least on par with the Lian Li PC-B20 (which the PC was previously installed in) even with the top side off.

Sunbeam Tech UFO Cube case
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As expected, the hard disc temperatures were around 2-3 degrees higher than normal which may have an effect long term in regards to lifespan.

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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